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This was a great class Brian. Learned a lot this weekend. Jeff was an...
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  • Brian Littleton
  • 10912 Nicely Dr
  • Ft Smith, AR 72916
  • 479 461-7561
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About US

Racelogic Chassis School was created over 20 years ago in a small shop in Ft Smith, Arkansas over the last 20 yrs we have traveled to 15 states and had over 4750 racers in attendance during that time . Racelogic brings a logical approach to racing . With racing getting so complicated we strive to teach so that the Saturday night racer can understand . Our goal has always been the same to help racers improve there finishes . Each year we bring the best instructors in the racing industry that want to give back to racing and help your program.. Don't let your competition get the edge come join us and learn what it takes to win races and championship !!

Some of what our classes cover!!

  • Maintenance
  • Front End geometry
  • Caster/Camber
  • Toe
  • Anti Dive
  • Bump
  • Ackerman
  • Roll Center
  • Tires/ Grinding/Siping/Grooving
  • Brakes
  • Shocks/ Brands --How they work and what to use in different conditions.
  • Rear end Settings Squaring
  • Springs/When to change
  • Ballast
  • Percentages
  • Scaling
  • Safety
  • Bird cages/ Pull bars/ Lift arms/Coil Overs/ Roll Steer where applicable
  • Set up plates how to use properly
  • When and what to change when track changes occur
  • All classes come with a book for you to take home. We will have hands on items to use in each class

What Racelogic is all about!!!

  1. What is RaceLogic? RaceLogic is something I created to be a place for racers to improve their finishes. I do this for the love of the sport and to help racers understand their racecars better. To many people get involved in racing then get frustrated because there not competitive and get out. If I can help some of these guys stay in and see the others who attend have so much success it makes all the countless hours of what it takes all worth it.
  2. How did RaceLogic get started? 17 years ago, I came to Eddie Martin with an idea to conduct a class, because everyone always had questions about setup advice and it was difficult to answer everyone's questions after the races. So we decided to put this together as a way to help racers all together in a classroom type setting.
  3. What can drivers/crew members expect to get out of RaceLogic? A better understanding of how everything works, and more knowledge on chassis setup. They will learn more about shock programs, racing safety, proper and recommended Maintenance, as well as gain some hands-on experience with our new displays and we are continually adding more and more to our seminars every year.
  4. How are instructors for the Seminars selected? We look at a Racer's integrity first and foremost, of course winning races and championships is always a good deal as well. We look for Racers who want to give back to other racers. We mainly choose Drivers, because we feel that they can explain things to other racers, they have been there and done that..
  5. Does RaceLogic only help Rookie or inexperienced Racers? We have had several National Champions in our classes, so we feel RaceLogic can help racers on all levels as long as they are willing to learn.
  6. If a participant attended RaceLogic in the past, does it hold benefits to participate again? Always, every year we add new things to the class, as well as add or change instructors, to keep everything fresh and up to date. With new instructors, we add new ideas and information, so we have had participants that come 3 to 4 times and even others who attend every year to stay on the cutting edge and gain the advantage over the competition.
  7. Is RaceLogic only for Drivers? RaceLogic is for everyone who wants to improve their finishes and better themselves on the track, it is for racers, crew chiefs, and pit crews. Participants will learn what adjustments need to be done to the car and read the track. It probably helps crew guys more than drivers really, or whoever works on the cars.
  8. What family or other benefits for RaceLogic hold for 2016? We scheduled the classes at casinos across the US this year to provide a great atmosphere surrounding these seminars for everyone involved whether they participate in the class or while others are in the class there are many great things to do in and around the area of the seminars. After the class is over there is a wide range of activities and a great night life for all that attend.
  9. Can drivers/crew contact RaceLogic Instructors after seminars for advice? Absolutely, and most instructors encourage it. Most if not all instructors are active on Facebook, and will answer messages when sent thru these avenues if you have any questions, but the best time for questions of course is during the seminars.

Featured Speakers

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Wade Cross

Wade Cross

FX Suspension is among the top shock builders in the country . Wade is a very smart guy and is a huge part of Racelogic.

CVR Chassis

CVR Chassis

One of the premiere late model chassis buliders in the country